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Life With Your Smile

I sit and think these thoughts today
As my mind slowly wanders away
Lost in a moment of a sweet dream
Of all that you are, and all that you mean

As I ponder now all the while
I think of my life with your smile
I see a vision so candy sweet
Of two kissable lips and ivory teeth

It makes me feel all a flutter inside
My smile in return, I can not hide
My pulse is dancing from under my skin
A fire starts burning deep within

My words turn to whispers stolen on air
Should I tell your charms that is so unfair?
For I'm slowly growing so weak in the knees
If you said kiss me, my heart would say please

So many emotions brought out by a smile
A beautiful thing that makes life worthwhile
I'll gaze upon it as your lips I trace
That candy sweet smile dancing on your face



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Life With Your Smile