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homesick  dreams

Flexing all my tentacles
Flowing in a trance
Trying to pick a partner
In the mating dance
Slithering through the mucus
Where the slime is green
Memories of my homeworld
From this alien scene

Ever since my ship crashed
Returning home from Mars
I've barely scraped a living
Selling pre-owned cars
I use up all my energy
Maintaining human form
Its so nice on an evening
To revert back to my norm
I turn the lights down low
And slump before the tele
And very very soon I'm just
A lump of pulsing jelly
But I'm saving from my wages
And buying up spare parts
And in a few more weeks
I'm going to make a start
Tuning up my engines
And repairing this old ship
Really looking forward
To my return trip
I could have started sooner
But I'm not really sorry
Cos I'm hooked on soaps
Particularly Corrie

So many pleasant episodes
So many poignant scenes
To take back with me
Where the slime is green
As I slither through the mucus
I'm sure I‘ll often and ponder
On the folks of Weatherfield
Way back in my yonder

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homesick dreams