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Courier Duty in Berlin Circa 1964
Somewhat in the middle of the Cold War
By  hook or by crook we all Knew
The daily run just had ti ger through

So they gave you this 38 revolver
With the ammo in a tin
You had to sign to say
It was well sealed in
Now this is true
I’m not a liar
To open up the tin
Really needed pliers
Maybe if you used the handle of your gun
You could have whacked it on the floor
But remember any damage
Had to be paid for
So if you got attacked
You had to say please wait
While you rang the commander
In the guard room at the gate
To send a pair of pliers
To open up your tin
And open up your gun
To pop the ammo in
In those long passed days
No mobile phones
So did you go to find one
And leave the driver alone?
We never really believed
The comrades would play
Thought they’d grab the goods
And be on their way.

Courier duty in Berlin Circa 1964
Somewhat in the middle Of the cold war.
Now all done Somehow we won

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