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Make Love To Me

Bring me to life as I lie in your arms
Teasing caresses found beneath boyish charms
Rest your head on my chest and join with the beat
As I whisper to you, make love to me

Your kisses fall soft and they leave me shaken
Each sigh of my pleasure is a sweet breath forsaken
Let our bodies dance in seductive harmony
My heart is now yours, make love to me

My body aches and longs for your love
Take me now into the heavens above
Show me the moon and the stars in the sky
As desire is enflamed in the depths of our eyes

Call out my name as you join me there
Then drift back from the clouds into arms of care
There is no greater pleasure on this earth to be
Then the feeling of rapture as you make love to me


 Make Love

 To Me

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Make Love To Me