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The Kissing Scale

When someone gives you a quick peck
Perhaps when they have to run
Half the time they miss your cheek
On the kissing scale that's a one

A kiss that falls upon your lips
Now that's what a kiss should do
If it makes you think of watching tv
On the kissing scale that's a two

A kiss that leaves you wanting
Hoping those lips again you'll see
Now you see we are improving
On the kissing scale that's a three

A kiss that starts a tremble
Perhaps you drop something to the floor
Now we're talking about a kiss
On the scale that rates a four

A kiss that takes your breath away
Maybe you whimper out a please
Oh now we are talking about a five
I tell you it's a tease

Yet a kiss from your sweet soft lips
Well I'd say that is a ten
I'm not sure if it really was
So we may just have to try that kiss again


~A Ponygirl Design~


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The Kissing Scale