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When a child receives a message

That is distorted or a lie

He doesn't know any better than

To accept it with a sigh

He grows up feeling less than

Worthless at the core

Stupid, ugly, a failure,

Beliefs he can't ignore

So he begins to lie to himself

Pretending those beliefs arn't’t there

He hides behind a bottle, drugs, gangs, despair

He may not be so obvious

He may look perfect to himself and you

As he runs toward proving

None of these things are true

The failure may be fighting

To become a very successful man

The ugly woman with plastic surgery

Beautifying every way she can

The dumb one spends lifetime learning

So he can prove he's really smart

But with all his degrees and awards

He's still dumb in his heart

By the way the ugly woman

Was really never ugly at all

But, she spent a lifetime making sure

She was the beauty of the ball

For in her mind if she were not the best

She couldn't be loved at all

Do these people sound familiar?

Could they be You or me?

Ask God to reveal the truth and

The truth will set you free

Are you tired of all the pain running to get nowhere?

Are you still searching for your true love?

Are you running scared?

These lies are embedded in our souls

To keep us off God's course

For GOD IS LOVE and these lies are not

The father of the lie is their source

These lies that were planted early

Are very real to me and you

Only we are ignorant to their existence

But to our inner world they are true

They affect our very life and every thing we do

It certainly will take courage to face the hurt

We've been trying so hard to avoid

But with faith in Gods Loving healing hand

Freedom will be enjoyed

Pray your fears and insecurities

Be revealed to you

With Gods Holy Spirit

He'll help you see it through

Let the hurt come and go

When you see your darker side

Don't worry Jesus paid the price

So you don't have to hide

You then will feel light with love

After releasing the heavy burden

It takes a lot of energy

To keep a secret hidden

Love your self unconditionally

Lest you be a failure, stupid, short, fat, or tall

For if you love yourself with these things

You will find you're none of these things at all

For these are the devil's lies,judgments,

Thoughts that exist only with in your mind

Blocking out loving energy

Blocking out the divine

In truth you are Gods precious child

And he delights in you

He loves you just because you are

Not for what you do

So love and forgive yourself completely

And your enemies too



JudLea copyright 2004

God makes all things new! (Revelation 21:5)

A SPECIAL NOTE: I was the ugly girl, the stupid girl, and the failure. Nobody knew it though, because I was one who covered it well. God's Holy Spirit has healed so much in me and is continuing to do so, and has truly changed who I am. My prayer for you is that you truly know who you are in Christ. If you are reading this right now, I don't believe it is by accident, and if you are ready for God to heal and touch you in a big way, my prayer is that you don't try to do it alone. Although the healing journey and developing a personal relationship with your creator, is on the inside of you, you still need to have safe support. (Matthew 18:20) God wants you to start your healing process and begin a personal relationship with Him. --God's Word says that Satan is a liar and was cast to the earth and is deceiving the world.(Rev.12:9)If you have a secret negative thought or belief; it is a lie. No one can take away Jesus' love from you. (Romans 8:35) Our Father God Jehovah, wants us to seek Him, His Word and Living Word, in truth, and heal our inner wounds, therefore, be transformed. (Romans 12:2) But, we need the Healer, God's Holy Spirit will give us strength through the healing journey.(Eph 3:16) (Glad I finally got that one) Every soul needs to uncover and awaken to Christs Love, Light and Power within, "beneath the unexcavated rubble." If there is anyone who has something on their heart that they would like to share, please leave your thoughts and email address with me and I will write you back. God wants you healed and whole and loves you beyond what you could ever comprehend.

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