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Play With Me

I love it when you want to play
The devilish things that you say
Just the way that you look at me
Saying come here baby...play with me
With that boyish charm and sexy smile
The way you laugh in your cute little style
The way you think that you box me in
And because I love you...I let you win
Oh the way you sneak in without a sound
To catch me off guard when no ones around
A teasing caress and a daring kiss
Giving me a taste of your hands on my skin
I could be concentrating with a thoughtful glare
You'd go zipping by just to play with my hair
Cooking dinner is always a treat
As your hands get smacked away in playful retreat
Yet never could I stay mad at you
For those adorable little boy things you do
Just one look would be the end of me
With a pout as you say play with me


Rhuda's Sigs


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Play With Me