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With respectful memories and with many thanks to those friends who lived this with me over the years - and no regrets or guilts

I’ve tried to be a good person
Always tried to give and take
But I’ve always been a victim
Of the one eyed trouser snake
Looking back over the years
From this now more mature age
I really do marvel that I ever
Reached this advanced stage
Now I was never promiscuous
Please don’t get that impression
I only had one lover at a time
Never these modern multi sessions
But I’d see a girl I fancied
The snake would raise its head
And one way or another
We had to got to bed
(Or some suitable
Other somewhere)
And slowly slowly
Make love there
(Making love in haste
Is such a dreadful waste)
I must have had a guardian angel
For some how I was never caught
But there have been occasions
When situations were fraught
From hiding under beds
To climbing drain pipes
Oh I’ve suffered near escapes
For those very appetites
But my ladies were all my lovers
And at every loving end
Every single lover
Stayed a loving friend
There aint a moral to this story
Nor even much advice
Just treat your lovers respectfully
And always at least twice
Always give at least
As much as you take
And give thanks for the pleasures
Of the one eyed trouser snake

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