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I Walked

Time had left my soul forlorn
Like a beautiful book with covers torn
Looking for a place to rest my head
Hand in hand with sorrow,
This path I tread

Leaves fell crisp beneath my feet
To a silent heart it was deafening
Trees were still with sagging bough
A moon like my eyes,
Haunted and hollow

Step by step with bones now aching
Was this journey truly worth taking
For it surely would be easier to lay down
Let my love and tears
Mesh into the ground

Still with a sigh I journey on
As days and memory pass anon
No destination for my eye to keep
No tears now left
For me to weep

I truly pondered would this be the end
For life had never called me friend
Fate has a way with doling its charms
This path led me there,
I walked into your arms


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I Walked