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I Don't Have To Look

I don't have to look
For stars in the sky
For I gaze at the twinkle
Within your eyes

I don't have to listen
To the birds and their song
For your voice is a tune
I have loved all along

I don't have to touch
Silk by the yard
Nothing compares to the comfort
Of your strong manly arms

I don't have to drink
Of a nectar so sweet
I shall just kiss your lips
As my senses retreat

I don't have to know
The rivers or the seas
For your desire comes in waves
And washes over me

I don't have to search
For the finest work of art
For I now hold true beauty
In my hand is your heart


Love Is More Than A Word That Is Spoken
 For What Can Be Uttered Can Also Be Broken
Love Is More Than Flowers And Perfume
For What Is More Fragrant
Than Love In Full Bloom?
Love Is More Than What Life Has To Give
For Without Love How Could We Live?

~Sigs by Dale~

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I Don`t Have To Look