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The Ultimate Black Heroine

A poem from the novel
"The Essence of Poetry II:Gerald's Sophomore Yet Grown Poetrybook"
Written by: Gerald L. Ingraham


Competently, this one is not adorned with a cape,
As she grasps the gall of all, she shall not escape
An another plausible emolument of this dismal life;
Graveling times call for this heroine with blithe.

Dursting, my heroine acquires her gree with no mask,
Because her intrepid identity equips her for a task;
This heroine labors diligently during each day,
And she tolerates all impious things people say.

No one conveys mercy toward this tenacious woman,
As she withstands callous words and keeps coming;
There are several individuals who are her foes,
But she is still resilient as everyone knows.

She has jeopardized her life for mine since my birth,
Because she has perceived me as someone with a worth;
With ways saccharine, she is the one to appreciate,
And she has the divination that no one can create.

This heroine fights constantly for my rights,
And she has seen to it that I am full at nights;
She has been my heroine since she was sixteen,
Still she seems to be a very heroic queen.

This heroine has never default anything to me,
She provided clothing, comfort, and love truly;
This one is a special heroine like no other,
Because she is my mighty heroic mother.

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The Ultimate Black Heroine

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