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How Do You Say Thank You

How do you say thank you
To the one you love
For making you believe
That "I" should be "us"

When you've doubted everything
Your whole life through
But now there is someone
Who believes in you...

How do you say thank you
For the love they give
Of all of life's treasures
That's the most precious gift

And to hold it now
In the palm of my hand
How can I tell him
Would he understand?

Could I bottle my tears
Or maybe show him my smile
Tell him he's made me feel more alive
Than I have felt in a while

Perhaps within these words
That he has inspired to flow
He'll see my heart saying thank you
And how I do love him so


~*~ You are the wind beneath my wings ~*~

~A Ponygirl Design~


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How Do You Say Thank You