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The  bit longer ballad of Mary Malone

Mary Malone climbed into my dreams
Playing a fiddle and singing a song
Dancing an intricately slithery jungly reel
Dressed like a skinny mini lady King Kong
I played on a battered and tattered and scarred
And scored and dented and bent and bruised
Wash board and thimbles and mouth organ set
As together we jammed the Basin Street blues
And Mary Malone blew me a kiss
Drifting slowly down to full on my lips
As we danced the conga all over the room
With Mary Malone tightly clasping my hips
And we swirled and swayed and rolled danced
Then Mary Malone and me and some more
Never taking a breath or needing to pause
Did the Palais Glide all over the floor
Then lazily crazily all through the town
To the office of the man
Who chopped my tree down
Where Mary Malone
Made one hell of a fuss
Then Mary Malone
Climbed  back on her bus
As I awoke and plotted planned and made schemes
To lure Mary Malone back into my dreams

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The bit longer ballad of Mary Malone