Life Dreams / Lucid Living (c) 2003

Shaving In The Dark

I was shaving in the dark
hoping not to leave a mark
when I heard a voice outside of me
say "Hark!"

I first thought,"odd remark!"
as naked I lay, stark
inside my bathtub,
shaving in the dark

"On a task you must embark"
continued the voice which first said "Hark"
we need you to go right now
to Central Park

I then thought "what a lark!"
I felt my curiosity spark
and decided then and there
to go ahead and hark

I wasn't sure what harking was,
but I was game to try
and, doing what any good harkee does,
I tossed my razor by,
got quickly, slippery, out of the tub
and grabbed my towel to dry

But the harking voice said, "wait a minute,
we do not want you dressed;
we want your body and all your senses
by spring-eve winds caressed;
you must go down to Central Park
(no one's there, it IS quite dark,
and stand before us naked, unobsessedm
and know that you are truly, ever blessed"

"Okay", said I,
"I'll try"


Stepping lightly through the dark,
I headed off to Central Park,
and quickly reached my given destination

On the way, I passed a shark
(swear to God, I heard it bark!)
or was that sound my own imagination?


Now here I stand,
a naked man,
and wonder what I'm doing

I obeyed a demand
-- No, make that command --
and now my actions I am ruing

For to tell the truth,
I feel quite uncouth,
standing naked for the viewing
of one and all,
both short and tall
(dear Lord, I hope I'm snoozing!)

Then this would be
a fantasy
from which I'll wake refreshed

to find
it all within my mind
'cuz I'd gone to sleep undressed


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Shaving In The Dark

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