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To George Jones in appreciation

The Possum is over seventy.
I just didn't realise
How many hours I've spent
Looking through his eyes,
Captive to that awesome voice
That holds and burns and sears
Painting it's pictures
Over these many years,
Never losing its power.
Is it really so long ago
Alan and Hawkins and me
Heard that voice flow
From the stage of that hall
In our home town,
(They've just recently
Knocked that hall down),
Maybe on that very spot,
Certainly on that very stage,
Where what seemed to me
To be from another age
I saw Buddy Holly sing.
Hawkins is sadly long gone;
Alan and me creased and worn,
But The Possum powers on
Still giving me the thrills
The joy love and tears
He's been giving me over
So many many years.
Hank burned out so early.
Brilliantly briefly then gone.
Thank any god you want
The Possum powers on

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To George Jones in appreciation