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Brother Barry's war time adventure

I went back to the village just recently
For a nostalgic look around
Was a little shocked to learn
The old school had just closed down

My brother looked out of the school room window
Just an idle glance that turned to a long hard stare
Got him a shout from the teacher yet still couldn't
Tear his eyes from what he saw there.  
Pointed frantically, waved for all to look
And the class all gathered around:
Two parachutes floating lazily in the sky
Falling drifting slowly towards the ground.
He says he doesn't remember being frightened
Just remembers all the chatter from the class
Faces mouths and noses all pressed
Against the window's hard cool glass
As the war they'd all heard about
Became suddenly harshly true
Made by two large white flowers
Floating gently down from the blue.
War had been something to talk about
Something that happened elsewhere
And now it was in our village
In sight Ė just over there.
They were chided and calmed by teacher
And scolded for breaking the rules
The world out there may be exciting.
But it could wait till after school.

Later, he told me, they found what happened
A crippled plane strayed and cast its crew
There may have been more he says
But he only saw those two
Who were very quickly captured?
To start a prisoner's life
One menaced by a 12 bore
Held by a farmer's wife.

So the war came closer to our village
Then passed over on its random way
And Brother Barry's wartime adventure
Left an impression on that village school day

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Brother Barry`s war time adventure