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A father stops for a moment
Pulls out his cell phone
And calls home
Another dinner lost
Another business meeting gone long
In his daughter's voice
He hears something missing
But he feels trapped
Chasing the dollar to keep the nice house
To keep the good car
He tells himself
That he is doing it for her
He closes the phone
Slips it back into his coat
And gets back to work
Deep inside he hurts
Longing for the way things used to be
He is becoming the example of success
But deep inside
There's something missing

A daughter sits at home
Dinner sitting on the table
A table set for two
It's her birthday
She's thirteen now
Such a big day
Such a big night
A night she spends alone
She goes to her room
The picture of her mother glares at her
She left two years ago
To live with a younger man
To find herself
That's what she said
She had no “Me” time
So much in her life was missing
The daughter turns up the radio again
Turns on her computer
And chats with her “friends”
People she has never met before
And tries not to look at her leg
Tries not to think of the razor blade
That she hides in her dresser
Tries not to cut herself again
She has all of these things in her life
A nice house
All the new clothes
The best television
The best computer money can buy
But still there is something missing
She picks up the blade
Just to make sure
That she is still alive

The grandmother sits alone
At the home
It is her granddaughter's birthday today
She thought for sure they would visit
Thought for sure that they would at least call
Days pass so slowly for her now
Nothing to do
Only a few “Old Folks” to talk to
It's such a “nice” place there
All the “comforts” of home
Her life used to be full of such happiness
Full of such love
Now there's only time
And so much that is missing

Three people
All spending an evening alone
All trapped in their own world
Trapped in their own hell
All with lives filled with things
But each needing that one thing
The one thing they are missing so much

Each other

Ed Roberts 8/18/04

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