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The Crying Poet

Her pen does flutter restless
Two soft hands she finds are shaken
Words in her mind travel down a path
She pleads to not have taken

She writes to only scratch it out
As tears blur what's left on the page
Her verse a testimony of the heart
But her heart hurts today

So many pages before her are empty
And once she could fill them with ease
But now It's like somebody shut a door
To trap her in her memories

Won't you forgive a crying poet
For her words that have disappeared
Her heart will come back to write once more
In the absence of her tears


~~ If your heart ache seems to
 ~hang around too long ~
~  And your blues keep getting bluer ~
~ With each song ~


 ~ Just remember that there is~
~ Sunshine behind each cloudy sky ~
~ So go on baby ~
~ And cry ~


~A Ponygirl Design~


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The Crying Poet