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Emily Medforth -  village School Teacher, Withernwick

I thought she was old when I saw her,
Ancient to me only just reached four.
I remember still those feelings as mam
Deserted me to her at the old school door.
She never grew any older.
Just never seemed to age.
Never treated us unfairly.
Never punished us in rage.
Just expected us to follow the rules
To be quiet and good and  obey,
Then go home quietly and discreetly
At the end of another school day.
We were all taught our places
In a world of black and white.
She read my first faltering poetry
Encouraged me to write,
To do my best
In life's race
But to never never
Forget my place.
She lived to over 90 years
Then suddenly was gone
Never changing her standards
In a world that had fast moved on
I don't think any of us ever thanked her
For guiding us as we grew,
But most of us were grateful
And I'm certain sure she knew.
She was there when we scattered dad's ashes
Over Granddad and Granny Barker's grave
I think she nodded slightly to
My acknowledging wave:
But she didn't look any older
Maybe she'd grown a little small
Or maybe over the passing years
It was me who'd grown too tall.

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Emily Medforth - village School Teacher, Withernwick