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The Color Of Ardent

You are my throng of paradise,
My throe of passion,
My infinitesimal moment of peace.
You weren't dashing, daring, or debonair.
You were crude, comical, and commercial,
But your thought process was wonderful,
And you were known to be loving too.
We use to pass the time
By talking:
Gripes about our parents,
Our love of rap,
And heritage.
You settled with me like a chill.
You were the trill in my heart,
But that trill deadened in a year.
I colored you red,
You colored me angelic,
And yet, it all must
Have been nothing more than nothing,
For upon seeing you for the first time
In 2 years,
I was as familiar to you
As a stranger.
I smiled but you walked on by.
No chatter between us,
No friendly banter, like the old days.
I colored you black,
You colored me inanimate.
I am nothing but an item from your past,
A thought that was
So easy to discard.
But I just can't turn off my love.

August 25, 2004

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The Color Of Ardent

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