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Where is your comfort in my time of need?
I softly caressed my arms up and down
When u had whispered your promises
of simply being there to hear my tears
if i ever needed to relieve my fears
And now finally,
I untangled my arms
Stretched out 2 u
Wearing this porcelain frown
'cuz you let me down
You didn't come thru
like you said you would
when i knew you could
like you should
So where's the proof,
of your orginal wordy spoof?
All I needed was your comfort-
No harm for me by your neglect-
What perfect timing...

So uncomfortable
So very uncomfortable
I get it elsewhere?

What happened to you?
Why haven't you followed thru?
I get it elsewhere?

I don't ask for much
So much I'm needing from you
I get it elsewhere?

Why can't you hold me
I can't force you baby but
I'll find it elsewhere

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