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Life has its ups and downs

Just a normal type of day today
At least for a man of my age.
Only thirty seven crises
And just one fit of rage,
Until I found my glasses
Placed for safety inside my shoe
Which for reasons yet unknown
I'd left beside the loo.
So long as I've one on each foot
I don't bother with socks in pairs
Which saves a frantic search
Under beds and chairs.
There's nothing quite so invigorating
As a coffee large to start the day.
I forgot to switch the kettle on
So had it the cold black way.
Interesting but better hot,
Milky, sweet and strong
With regular copious refills
To keep me going all day long.
It's amazing as you mature
Just how you learn to fix
Or shrug philosophically
At life's little tricks:
And when you get to my age
Girls just don't see you there
So you just don't need to hide
Any long lustful stares.
So I slowly gently walk
In and out and up and down
Trying to recall the reason
That sent me rushing to the town.
Life's a wondrous journey
In which we learn to fend,
Hoping there's many many pages
Before the one that says The End.


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Life has its ups and downs