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Guardian Angel

Where are you now
My Guardian Angel
You watched over me
So many times before

Through all of the nights
When thunder crashed
You came to me bringing
A rainbow to my door

Through my sleepless times
When I would stay awake
Nightmares consuming me
As I laid in my bed

You brought me a picture
A promise, a prayer
Simply to cease the torment
Raging in my head

Of all of the days in fear
Things that may come to be
My footsteps unnoticed
Just some girl on a street

Afraid to go home
Afraid not to go
You provided a safe haven
Handed me the key

So where did you go
My Guardian Angel
I still need you
Though how I have grown

Can you hear me calling
Whispers through my tears
You were always there before
Please don't leave me alone


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Guardian Angel