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Childhood Tragedy

Her life was a childhood tragedy
Something with few she has shared
Keeping it locked away in her head
Weeping only for those that should have cared

She thinks for a moment about him
She was a child so innocent and pure
Does he feel more a man now?
With what he left her to endure

She pushed on through her teenage years
Bottling the pain, the fear in her chest
Until one fateful night she will remember
From one that believed love taken was best

She found someone she wanted to love
He was her prince, the man of her dreams
Yet just like books and their covers
Things aren't always what they seem

Her skin still feels his anger
Though years have slowly crept by
Her heart still pounds in memories
Why can't she forget his eyes

Now she lives with another
In a prison that he calls home
Begging her lips to break the silence
While she sits in a room all alone

What a life for one to have to live
Her soul she'd give for a happy memory
Yet she will not give up on the ending
Of this story known as a childhood tragedy




~Design by Liandre~

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Childhood Tragedy