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Winter 1963

It was past one in the morning.
The Chief said we had to go.
Elli had packed some sandwiches
for our walk back in the snow.
A little blizzard was still blowing
and the chief offered us a lift.
We were young and fighting fit
and struck out through the drifts.
Roughly halfway back to camp
Was a little roadside seat
And there me and Glasby
Decided to stop and eat.
Simpson, following later,
sauntering through the night
saw two snowmen sitting
in the cold moonlight.
Said he just glanced quickly
would have just ignored
except at that very moment
one of the snowmen snored.
He said he didn't believe it,
thought we were having a joke
until one figures stirred,
and both of then awoke.
Simpson burst out laughing
as we shook off our coats of snow,
Glasby finished his sarnie
and we both got up to go.
We all walked back together
shivering in the cold;
If he hadn't taken Liesel home
another tale may have been told.
Frozen squaddies in the wood!!
Heck, the headlines could have been good.
Off we went on our merry way.
Again we lived another day.


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Winter 1963