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I grew up in my Yorkshire village.
Learned the values that ordered my life.
A place of community in a time
Full of bright hope after bitter strife;
Stayed there until I needed to move on,
With my parents still in that place,
Aware that came the time and the need
I had my refuge and my base

I found my second village in Germany
At the end of a road, narrow winding
Slowly through the woods and fields
To a place that took some finding:
That took me into it to teach me more
Of life and love and sex and joy
Another close community that helped
Me transform the last to man from boy.

I am no longer known in my first village.
Dare not return to my second in case I find
I am yet again a stranger in yet another
Place so alive and essential to my mind.
I found my third village by the Mosel
Needing a place in a time of despair;
Found it nestled and warm and inviting.
I find I am peaceful and welcomed there.

Three villages all mine
One to grow me, one to refine,
And one for me to stay
Happily at the end of my days.


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