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Please Sweet Wind

Please sweet wind
Blow upon his cheek
Make your touch soft
Somewhat shy and meek

Blow as to tremble
As my hands would
I would touch it myself
If only I could

Please radiant sun
Warm his very skin
Shine as an embrace
To wrap him in

Make him feel the comfort
As if you were my arms
And hold him tightly
No matter where you are

Please silky raindrops
Dance upon his lips
Playful and tempting
Please fall as a kiss

Let your drops be in plenty
As my kisses long to be
To tease and to pleasure
Could you do that for me?

I must beg of you wind
Warm sun and the rain
Please bring him my love
On this very day

Until I am beside him
Please do as I ask
Then I shall be able
To do, as you do, at last



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Please Sweet Wind