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White Paper...the year 2035

My Thought on what the future may hold for the USA and the world by the year…2035

The world for the past fifty years has been marching full speed ahead into liberal inter-nationalism and a single global power structure, in an effort to equalize the wealth of the entire world.
This concept is flawed in many ways. First and foremost, this is a communist concept, no matter how it's colored or camouflaged. This concept is doomed by its own ideology.
This Liberalism has lead to the; "Throwing open of our boarders." This policy has weaken the political and economical strength of this country, and placed a heavy financial burden on state and local government, not to mention the undesirables allowed to slip
into the country to commit untold havoc on our society.  
American workers have witnessed the wholesale of its work place to overseas location in the name of "Global Wealth Equalization."
The world is quickly becoming divided into two distinct financial groups, the haves and the have-nots and two basic religious conclaves, the Muslims and all other religions. If you are not a Muslim, then your are an infidel. This fact is being denied everyday by leaders around the world.. And this may be a fatal mistake. It has been made very clear by Muslim teachers throughout the world that they hate all non-Muslims, especially the Jews and Americans.  (This is not a bias assumption by this writer, but is a cold fact.) They believe the United States is the Great Serpent, and the cause of all the Muslim world problems.
This type of ideology being taught to their youngest generations serves only to perpetuate their hatred, and cause continues strife throughout the future of the world.
There are two distinct solutions to this problem. One is to eliminate the people responsible for teaching this ideology, and re-educate their new teachers in a simple concept called; "Tolerance". The other is to be prepared for a jihad. Coexistence is not an acceptable state in the view of extremists. Wars will be never ending.

As the years and centuries quickly pass the general population of the world will increase at an alarming rate, due to new and innovating health care, which will extend life expectancy by several years.
This enormous world population will require and consume great amounts of the worlds natural resources.
Many things that exist today in the way of natural resources will cease to exist. One of the world's greatest resources is the oceans,
which are being polluted everyday. There are limited resources on this earth, once they are gone…they are gone.

There will be new diseases, pollution of air and water, death of the rain forests, and food shortages.
Not to mention brush wars and a overwhelming increase in worldwide terrorism, and new nuclear threats by third world countries.    
The above mentioned problems are only a few of the necessary  ingredients for worldwide chaos in the foreseeable future.

In this new era, chaos will reign in third world countries, and
the United States will be looked upon with jealous eyes as the last refuge. Fuel prices will become devastating to the American's economy.
By then, this country will be a near Police State. Not by choice, but by necessity.
Individual rights as we know them today, will be few an far between.
Sadly, total global government will be looming on the world horizon, and America's sovereignty as we've known it may become just a pleasant remembrance for our great grand children.

Jack R. Kays


White Paper...the year 2035



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