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Ware (continued )

Ware insisted
Bruce never existed.
For over a year
He was never here,
But if Ware moved on
Up popped Don.
Sometimes they missed by half a sec Ė barely more
As one walked out the other entered through the door
They seemed to follow one another round our net
Sometimes it seemed fate ensured they never met.
Bruce had certainly heard of Ware
Really enjoyed not being there.
Lackenby kept him up to date
How Ware couldn't bear to wait
To be proved wrong or right
To finally get his first sight.
Until then he insisted Bruce was a joke
Just tales of another dubious bloke.
Then they met and each liked the other
Embraced like two long lost brothers
Though Ware did say life lost a little zest
Since he'd gone and filled his quest:
Though it wouldn't be such a loss
If he could as easily dodge Kai Ross:
And old Don let it be said
Never let Ware sit on his bed.

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Ware (continued )