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Saturday Night, Yorkshire ,1960

Walking through the village with a pocket full of coins
Anticipation rising, slight tingling in the loins
Catch the bus to Hornsea for the weekly dance,
Where if we're lucky we might stand a chance
Of experiencing a pair of soft female breasts
Press lightly and  gently up against our chests.
A lovely heady sensation that just can't last.
I'm sure they make the music end too fast.
Gosh don't all the girls smell nice.
Maybe one will dance with me twice.
More than that, you're going steady
I'm too shy for that – just not ready.
For the last waltz find a special girl
For a slow smoochy fast ending swirl
Then maybe just maybe, meet her at the door
And maybe, just maybe, see her a little more
As you walk her home for that special bliss
Of clutching her tightly in a fumbling kiss;
Only one or two – very seldom any more
Just in case her dad is standing by the door;
A possible final peck against the cheek
And a maybe mumbled see you next week
Romantically hoping she'll watch you out of sight
As you wander off into the chilly night.
Can't afford a taxi, last bus long gone,
Five  miles to walk home, I'd better get on.
Sure as Saturday night I'll not be alone
There's always plenty others on the way home
Plenty of laughter, bragging stories and talk
Can make it a pleasant night ending walk.
Oh it was a special living, sixties Yorkshire country days.
Sometime progress throws the wrong things away.

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Saturday Night, Yorkshire ,1960