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Is It?

Is that your long, lean quiet arm
Engulfing my fleshy brown back... hungry shoulders?
Ooh... that smooth, white warm surface...
Ahh... me kissing your sweet sexy juicy coral lips?
What would it have been like?
Suddenly past visions of you,
Flash presently on my mind
& I flush futuristically... yea I flutter...
Cowering outward
Within your nearest follicles
Could you have been that missing...
or found... slice of deep red velvet cake
or years of spolied pickled tadpoles...
Would a slight brush of your bristles,
Diamond crystalize my hair?
Would it be fair of me
& my feminae desires to find out?
Could such ponderings fallout, the sky?
Is it a priori knowledge, intuition?
or mustn't these experiences be not, befallen?
Is it?
Is it not?
Not be?
Not be it?
or Not isn't?
Ah... with the mere shake of the head,
I open my eyes & I see-
Is it?
Could it be...?

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Is It?



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