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Frozen Beauty

(wrote this after watching a Titanic documentary....and anyone who knows me knows I'm a total enthusiast!)

Her skirt draped on an ocean floor
In dreams of waves to sail no more
A coral crown to bedeck her head
A frozen beauty upon her bed

Memories remain as nature dances
A voyage of dreams, young hopes and chances
She carried her children across the blue
This unsinkable lady of grace so true

But sister fate dealt a hand so cruel
Our lady cried out in the darkest night hue
Until she could naught more but sigh
Making her descent with her head held high

Weep not sweet lady for days of old
For you shall sail forever in stories told
With captain and crew and passengers to dream
In hearts find your voyage, our frozen beauty


 The Porthole by Mayfair

Scry the black depths,

For a sliver of hope.

Rising despair,

Escape remote.

Scry the black depths,

Through metal and rust.

Peering intently,

At a future crushed.

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Frozen Beauty