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How did I get to this age
Where did the years go
Only just past yesterday
The Buddy Holly show  
Not long after that
My very first girl
Still remember
That heady whirl
The blood pounding first kiss
In the only place we had to go
Are kids now spoiled for choice
We only had a cinema back row
And that only between
The random searching probes
Of the usherette's torch beam
Another hour on no more
Sixteen squaddies called the same
One of the boys had been playing
The going where he shouldn't game
Feel the atmosphere among local lads
As we danced with their lasses
Keeping a watchful eye
On the lad's beer glasses
Making our statement
Then the relief
Of getting out
Without grief
Who moved on the clock
The hours just don't last
Like they used to
Surely its years fast
In spite of all those odds
I'm alive happy and free
Miss those who didn't live
Quite as long as me
But you only get one life
And I give short shrift
To those misguided souls
Who waste the gift
Life is there
Spend it
Instead of thinking
How to end it

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