A Synthetic Soul

My Baby

I sit and try to think.
I just daze off, not even a blink.

Why did she do this?
What did I do wrong?

Whats wrong with me?
How could she?

I thought she loved me.
Why did she lie?

What did I do?
She told me she would always be true.

I try to understand....
but I just can't comprehend.

Doesn't she realize
that could have jeopardized
everything we have?

I give her my heart.
I give her my soul.
I give her my everything.

I'm not good enough.
She seemed so strong.
Like she could do no wrong.

She seemed so great.
I thought I would be the one to break.

Her name scarred upon my arm.
I used to look at it and get a feeling so warm.

Now I see, and it hurts so bad.
Now I see, makes me so sad.

Yet she still is so perfect.
The long wait is still worth it.

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