Pete's poems from the night.

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A wolf's moon.

Do you look to the moon
The very same moment as I
Wishing one same thought
To let go a heart and fly.

Soaring within an ardour
Under a silver hue sky
Waves called to attention
As upon wings love flies by.

Magnified under luna's gaze
Harmonising upon the wind
Mother nature herself smiles
For within such beauty lies no sin.

Insatiable without words
Once starved of emotion
Embracing in euphoria
Above an inspired ocean.

A world withdraws from view
As two spirits are enraptured
Within hands that released
Lie two hearts captured.

Thoughts upon such nights
Transports my imagination
Where luna shines upon me
I live in transformation.

For a wolf that wanders
Never settles in pasture
Concealed within the woods
Till rises a light once more.