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The Dragon

This is was inspired by my oldest closest friend,
thus dedicated to him -with love until bitter end.

This here's my buddy Dragon
He earned the rights for brag'n
Chasing the crimson sun
Like he was Bilbo Baggins

If you lead him on with lies then
He'll cut you down to size and
Make you pay for defying him
When he looks into your eyes it
Can be somewhat hypnotizing
And his blood-pressure be rising
From then on you'll recognize him

His leather hands are mighty
And devastating when he's fighting
Not to be taken lightly
And blow your mind with his writing
This man's life is so exciting
His enemies go in hiding

Because he- succeeds- to make G's-
He'll brake knees- and take teeth-
Make you bleed- smoke some weed-
Then precede- to defeat you-
He'll beat you- and leave you in a puddle dieing

My best-friend says he never lies to me
If that's true how come he never cries to me
That guy knows he can confide in me
Deepest love for him inside of me
On my wedding day he'll stand beside me
For all the times he stood behind me

Behind him I am too till the bitter end
This I say, there's no may, nor situation to depend
Closer than a brother, this guy is my best-friend
Looked up to by other's, and setting new trends
Beside him I will stand, defend what he defends
Read my verse, feel the words-
and pass on the message that it sends