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 FAIRIES'  DREAMS ( Free Verse)


~Fairies' Dreams~
(Free Verse)

You're like a window, where I can see my world,reflected in you,
Unseen by so many , you are just a mortal, a passing soul to many;
In a shadowy world so filled by too many sorrows and strifes
And oceans full of broken dreams, wounded, by defiance and grief.

Bonded by too many strong and all kind of very weird chains,you're
Again afflicted by love, as she makes 'round
you another one of her pages,
in a world alone of her own, where nothing can last.

With a majestic and sparkling gown, she approaches you at night,
Silently, breaking and weaving you dreams , that you can't never hold!
As she displays to you,all of her charms and shadowy dreams,
that she makes them, your own.

Ravishing smile that tells no secrets, there you are,layered
At last,right at her feet,with applauded symphonies of too
Many sweet,wined and dewed kisses,only pertaining to fleeting
Tones of rainbows enchantingly held now by celestial and

Merciful angels,and the most beautiful fairies just giggling
And dancing in a blosooming and opened perfumed petal's roses
As they sing and laugh gleefully,under all this magical
Splendor they see,that lives through us, endlessly, and all

Over the sky and the sea,as they cast us their fairy dust
Glittering, with all the love they can entruth us with,
Spreding it, with their outstreched hands to all the four winds
Flowing and regaining again dreams with full strength, and
Journeying through the end

Fairies' dreams, just fading away.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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