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Gary Pinker was only eight.
That Halloween night he had stayed up late.
His momma was sick so he was home all night.
While other boys were enjoying a fright.
He filled their bags with candy and gum.
He wished he too could have some fun.
So he thought it out and decided to leave.
He found his plan easy to conceive.
He told his momma, "I'm goin' to bed."
As she laid in her room looking half dead.
Gary climbed out his window and left Palm Street.
The cold, windy dark night caused no retreat.
He passed a few costumes hoarding their last rounds.
He learned it was late with not much treating around.
But he pressed on further not really knowing why.
Just feeling a little freedom under the full moon sky.
He picked up some candy off the cold wet street.
It was not even opened so he decided to eat.
Now he was further from home than he had ever been.
At least all alone or without women or men.
So he turned around to head back to his street.
He was feeling quite tired from his adventurous feat.
He walked real fast for he was ready for bed.
He saw his street sign just ahead.
He came upon the sign and gasped for a quick breath.
For instead of Palm his street sign read Death.
Well, he just knew that someone was playing a trick.
But for the sake of fear he grabbed a big stick.
Now this little boy was shaking inside.
He had lost Halloween and then his sweet pride.
Desperately he raised his pace to a run.
Counting houses to his until there were none.
He had reached his yard and looked up in awe.
He found that night there was no house at all.
He fell to his feet and cried a big wail.
Had he died that Halloween and gone straight to hell?
He just wanted some candy or even a little fun.
Conviction set in and he knew what he had done.
He knew he should have stayed with his momma at home.
She was sick and would not ever have let him just roam.
She kept him so safe in all his eight years.
He wished and prayed she could have wiped his tears.
But the house was gone and Momma was too.
He had no idea what on Earth to do.
He fell down on the grass and cried a great while.
Then he slipped off to sleep and awoke in a pile.
There were candy wrappers everywhere blowing around.
He noticed he was no longer laying on the hard ground.
He was freezing cold and felt quite dazed.
Then remembering Death Street in his awakening haze.
He sat straight up from his very own bed.
Once again wondering if he was alive or dead.
He realized the window was open all night.
He jumped from his bed and closed it up tight.
He went down the hallway to check on his momma.
She was still fast asleep in her drug induced coma.
He headed back to his covers for warmth.
He remembered what really happened the night before.
He had been trying to think of a way to get out.
He wanted to trick-or-treat and frolic about.
So he took all the candy that remained from the night.
He ate it while planning his adventure of fright.
Before he laid down he opened the window up.
He remembered too spilling a cup.
Some water dribbled upon his bed.
What a way to make Halloween up in your head.

By;Jamie Griggs

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