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Finnegan's Horse

Harry Finnegan loved his horse
Not in the carnal sense of course
Just as a valued animal friend
Loyal and faithful to the end
You'd see them every day up town
On Harry's milk and yoghurt round
Bringing foods of taste and class
To places others dare not pass
There wasn't a place Ė high or low
That Harry and horse would not go
Harry didn't know the truth of course
His nag was a police undercover horse
Digi cameras in each front hoof
And in his mane to film the roof
A mobile phone to fit beneath
Both of his two large front teeth
A special code of whinnies and neighs
To direct the force all the way
To the scene of a spotted crime
Helping them arrive in time
Local villains trembled in despair
Wondering how the police got there
Watch this space some other night
For revelations if the time is right
But nobody twigged how crime went down
On Harry Finnegan's Yoghurt round
And Harry Finnegan loved his horse
But not in the carnal sense of course

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Finnegan`s Horse