Pete's poems from the night.

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Upon a day that would echo
Through my heart in time to come
Taking your hands in mine
I gave my love with no condition.

'Forever we will be' you said
A thoughtful jest in my mind
One soon to evaporate to naught
Upon the discovery I was to find.

With all I owned packed within my heart
I awaited for you at our meeting place
Time turned joy to dread in remembering
The words you spoke as you stroked my face.

I ran till my heart would burst
Feeling you slip away with every stride
Like walking into a premonition
My heart knew before my mind realised.

You laid at peace upon the bed
The source of crimson streams
Having cut the delicate threads
You left me to spiral in dreams.

The wind whispered your name
As I watched through grief torn eyes
A burial within the hole in my heart
While too my happiness now lies.

Within my emotional darkness
A last walk my intention
For so tired was the mind
Of pretence and invention.

I stood at the edge of the world
To speak of my grievance
For the stars who replied not
Just glittered and listened.

A heart I held in my hand
I threw into the abyss
Such a useless trinket
Never shall I want or miss.

Once I hungered for company
Though had not the stomach
You restored the fire within
That now wanes at dusk.

Walking among the ruins
Of a once structured soul
Now laying all around
Just pieces of my whole.

If I am doomed without you
To wonder this Earth alone
Then rest my broken soul
Beneath a plain grave stone.

Place no flowers there
For such is a waste of life
I alone decided to choose
To fall upon deaths knife.

Though death be not the end
For a belief refused me entrance
Damned without release of despair
I return to animate my defiance.

For so shall the Earth yield
To release a malignance
When all flowers shrivel
Upon sight of my countenance.

Dirt compacted under nails
Through efforts of rebirth
Reflects a struggle in life
Whence I walked the Earth.

A bastard son is born
An umbillical cord is cut
Disconnected from humanity
A worldly emotional slut.

I stand and face the heavens
You who forsook my despair
Leading me to a final act
I shall reciprocate such care.

I sneer at mortal love
To smile upon death
I will cut many a throat
To inhale a last breath.

For each shall I conjure love
So starved in humanity you are
Deficient in pity as I am
Easy will be your surrender.

Those corrupted I leave
As new borns left exposed
While I am drawn in search
For another death refused.

Nightmares are my tracks
Left to be traced in history
For I give to humanity
Their precious fear and misery.

Through many a country
Has this bloody path led me
To these very gates of stature
Where seemingly ends my destiny.

These mighty walls of stone
Built by many a tortured soul
Intoxicates my driven mind
While all around wolves howl.

Upon my knees my cowl falls away
Abrupt quiet envelops me as I plea
With arms outstretched crying
'For what reason?why me?'

As if the Earth itself were angered
The ground trembles beneath me
Castle walls begin to collapse
Becoming like mere broken teeth.

Blindly I stumble through ruins
The dust of a thousand enslaved
Emptied of life clings to my skin
I feel their souls so depraved.

Unveiled to me as dust settles
A solitary figure appears in white
The smile I recognise upon her lips
For it is 'you' that adorns my sight.

For you I loved in life
For you I embraced death
For you I did return
For you I take breath.

From deep within tears flow out
For now I understand we are forever
Embracing the eternity without death
In flame we engulf each other.