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Saved from drowning.

Emotions like water running through my fingers
I feel I'm drowning in a sea of confusion
Swallowed within an ever deepening abyss
Becoming darker nearing an inevitable conclusion.

Sorrow reaches for the glass that never empties
An anaesthetic to numb the unbearable truth
From memory that never truly was forgotten
An emotional separation revisited from my youth.

Delusional hope aids a melancholy mind
Goading a yearning to be rid of loneliness
Old demons I remember emerge about my footfalls
As within these thoughts envelopes as I wander aimless.

I see the footprints of a path once taken before
And I follow without thought of returning
For what I lack in strength is made of weakness
As I behold behind bloodshot eyes in the morning.

The day becomes a horror I have to overcome
As an interactive automoton without feeling
Only the night allows me freedom to forget
Sinking into oblivion with devices of false healing.

Floating prone surrendered to the storm
A hand draws me free of despair
Though I had forgotten,a friend remembered
Where I was here before I became victor.

Within the darkness you can find friends
Though bleak your outlook maybe
Cherish words spoken in wisdom
For they can unlock a mind to again see.

Thank you DR

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Saved from drowning