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Silver Lining

The silver lining was erased
From the cloud,
So I've nothing to look for.
My tired eyes are filled with dust
From constantly looking for
A silver lining that doesn't exist.
There was only just midnight sky,
And glossy stars;
To me, they look like shiny tears
And I want to extract them
From the sky,
Swallow them up like wishes.
Past the stars, I've trained
Myself to look,
Until all I see is a black blanket of dark.
And I grab it,
Wrap myself up tightly in it,
Allow myself to be the sky for a moment.
But the black blue sky
Becomes my new hair
And I want to take it with me everywhere.
Traces of me, everywhere.
My whisper, the wind.
Even after being such,
I'll still look to the clouds
To try to catch a glimpse of
That elusive silver lining
That I'm not supposed to see.

October 6, 2004

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Silver Lining

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