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deep dreams

in the deepest of my deep dreams
I shall take my little dream boat
away and away from the earth
I shall gently slowly surely float
outwards in between the planets
I shall haul and jib tack and run
setting my sheets to catch in full
the wind streaming off  the sun
past the outer giant's shining rings
to the very edge of solar space
my little boat will gather speed
and ever faster I will surely race
riding with the giants
that swim the vacuum seas
the whales of space that
travel with greatest ease
to the end of the universe
along their timeless track
leading to eternity
then curving back
past that little star
insignificant in space
that makes the life
on my birth place
past the little shining ball of blue
the very near despoiled earth
take one last look
for what its worth
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
we destroy the earth
we were given in trust
time to begin my final
curving eternal run
to journey's end
in the depths of the sun
my eyes wont reach
past the light that blinds
but I can see it's glory
down deep in my mind

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deep dreams