Pete's poems from the night.

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Blade of grass.

The horizon a broad smile
That welcomes in my day
Breezy notes of sweet song
As excited birds chatter away.

The warmth upon my face
For I know this to be true
The sun transforms the sky
With all the shades of blue.

Cold grey clouds flushed
With colours yet painted
Like a heart within a soul
Beating apace untainted.

Silhouettes greet the light
Erratic in their playful flight
Cast out from the shadows
And the oppressive night.

A light that greets shows the way
Lending to one a direction only
Clarity comes to you from within
Maybe alone but no longer lonely.

The miracle of nature can teach us
A lone tree will still grow each year
For the loss of such companions
The sky shall always shed a tear.

The most beautiful flower bends to the sun
Though it wilts from longevity in the light
Roots never reaching the darkness below
Shrivel and die along with the will to fight.

I am a blade of grass that gives to the wind
Among others that seemingly acquiesce
Accepting the food of the gods
Ever in discussion of their eventual death.