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Wishing Well

Upon a grassy knoll she found
An old forgotten wishing well
She whispered there her every wish
As into the depths tears fell

She heard a voice that echoed then
Asking the reason for her cries
Many had come to visit the well
Many had tossed a coin inside

Yet never had a single person
Cast tears into that pool of blue
Yet in all her heartache and sorrow
She knew of nothing else to do

So she reached into her pocket
Pulled a coin from there inside
Closing her eyes and making her wish
It was to speed the hands of time

For her love was so far away
In time she could go to him
This wish she made was from her heart
Not one cast there in a whim

She watched her coin drift to the bottom
Felt its sinking in her heart
Then that voice spoke these words to her
If love is true you aren't apart



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Wishing Well