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I Cannot Quit You

You are my habit,
Your words are my drugs,
Your classroom, my high,
Your smile, my paraphernalia.
I cannot quit you.

You could be talking about nothing at all,
And I would be attentive,
Stoned off of your soothing voice.
Drugged off your attitude.
I cannot quit you.

I cherish every paper you touch,
Smell it, hold it,
Obsessing over it, like a dime bag.
Your course is my haven for downtime.
I cannot quit you.

Your eyes are soft, kind.
I get a buzz when you
Look to me for an answer.
They are my drops of LSD.
I cannot quit you.

Your smooth attitude,
It slides about my veins.
You bring me to heaven,
You return me to hell.
I cannot quit you.

I choose to be here,
Inhaling your essence.
Three times a week is hardly enough.
Those other two days I suffer withdrawals.
I cannot quit you.

I wake up, hung over from your lessons,
Practically drunk off of your image.
Your jokes keep me going
For a few hours, then it's gone.
I cannot quit you.

You keep me in good spirits
With your knowledge.
I inject your intelligence
Underneath my pale, bruised skin.
I cannot quit you.

I swallow you in ecstasy,
And like Xtasy, you make me
Act out, for your approval.
Without you, how do I deal?
I cannot quit you.

My eyes are glossy
When you pay great attention to me.
I fumble for words, laughing,
Wanting to ingest you.
I cannot quit you.

I snort your personality,
You keep me feeling fine.
You are like my heroine,
I put you in line, my favored treat.
I cannot quit you.

I enjoy you, my wronged habit.
My bottle of Quaaludes to keep me going.
People can tell me no more, but I yearn for more.
There is no rehab for my addiction,
I just cannot quit you.

October 8, 2004

*Yeah, make all kinds of assumptions you want, only I hold the truth.

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I Cannot Quit You

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