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I Don't Live For You

I live for the now,
For the bitter cold,
But I don't live for you.
You with your hate driven words
And silver tongue of madness.
Where are you golden words,
The ones that once made sense?
I check your mood,
To figure you out,
To fathom your choices, to fathom you.
Make a good impression!
You used to! but
Those days are long and gone.
You are a maddened mother of three,
Driven only by the chance
To embarrass someone who you deem
Better than you,
But choose to treat them
Lower than the earth's core.
I used to adore who you were
But now I am laden with embarrassment,
For your tongue spewed words of disgust and lies
Headed towards my character.
So heed my knowledge, my words when I say
I don't live for you.
I live for the now,
The bitter cold;
For me.

October 8, 2004

*I guess sometimes we are always doing right by other people that we forget to live for ourselves.

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I Don`t Live For You

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