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Just drink talking

He came straight to me from across the room
With a Saturday night near closing time walk
As I was finishing my pint, nearly ready to leave.
Let me buy you another for the pleasure of talk
You don't know me but I've just heard of you
A friend recently showed me  bits of your site.
I relaxed as he ordered the drinks, thinking
This had all the signs of a heavy heavy night.
He looked me straight in the face as he sat
Said I wont take that  much of your time
But you took me back so many years
Hell you have poetry with rhythm and rhyme.
I don't have much truck with heavy reading,
Fed up with stuff I can only half understand.
Make it obscure and miserable seems the trend.
You didn't, so I'd just like to shake your hand.
You made me laugh, and one time nearly cry ,
But every single word that you used I knew
And maybe at times you were pulling my leg
But you convinced me they  were all true.
I needed a drink to tell you all this
Hope I didn't spoil or intrude
On your own quiet evening out
Hope you don't think me rude.
Thank you Mr Poet for making me think
I'll go back to your site and read them all.
He finished his pint, gave me a broad grin
And left me feeling nearly forty foot tall.

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Just drink talking