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Mickey Roberts


Me and Mickey Roberts climbed out of his car.

And me and Mickey Roberts brag walked into this bar

Only to be greeted by a welcoming shout.

It seemed the old landlord was moving out

And the first few beers were gratis free

Even for strangers like Mickey and me.

Oh those two young girls standing there

Mine had long dark dark curly hair


And a pair of lips I ached to kiss.

Things were shaping for a night of bliss.

I didn’t understand, didn’t think why

She looked at me with such admiring eye.

I must be very brave she thought

How and on earth was my job taught 

And Mickey stood there with his big daft grin

And I knew once again he’d dropped me in


At the very deepest of deep ends,

Mickey Roberts, my joker friend.

I blew it of course and we lost both girls

My lovely lass with the flowing curls.

I’ll never forget that slap on my face

Before they stormed out of that place

And all the bar laughed as I turned red

Trying not to hang my head.


Mickey chortled all the way back to base

And I suppose I had a grin on my face

The very next day Mickey was gone

The army in its wisdom having moved him on

Since that night I’ve not seen him again

But over all these years I still remember when

Mickey spun his yarn and I'd let us down.

But me a lion tamer, him a white faced clown







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Mickey Roberts