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Finding His Happiness

I would like to write a love poem
Yet I am a very busy girl
It seems a touch of sadness
Has crept softly into his world

So I am off to ask the mystic moon
If I might pick a star from the sky
The reason that I ask for one
To put a sparkle in his eyes

Then in the morn I shall beg the sun
If I could borrow one of its rays
It is the only thing that can come close
To the smile on his face that plays

Then I would search out a beautiful rose
To borrow brilliant reds that be
To bring back that color of happiness
That once danced upon his cheeks

At last I would seek a nightengale
A perfect song, now, I am after
To fill the world with beautiful music
Until I can hear, once more, his laughter

So forgive me if I take my leave
There will be many love poems to come
It seems right now I must seek out
Treasures of moon, roses, and sun



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Finding His Happiness